What is Kuriuz File Finder?

System requirements

How to find files

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What is Kuriuz File Finder?

Kuriuz File Finder is a software tool that helps you find files by multiple criteria like name, contents, size, date, etc.

You can turn Indexing on or off (version 1.5 and above), so it doesn't rely on an Index, so it is more accurate when searching with indexing OFF and faster when indexing is ON.

System requirements

Please read the System Requirements here

How to find files

This is a brief explanation of the options you will find on the main screen.

Folder (required)

It tells Kuriuz in what folder to search for files. You can type in the folder, select it from the folder explorer icon or select it from the drop down menu which saves the latest folders entered.

If you select the "Search subfolders" checkbox, the search will drill down through out all subfolders of the main folder.

TIP: If you Right-click on a folder in Windows File Explorer, you can select the option "Kuriuz search". It will open Kuriuz and set the selected folder by default.

File name (optional)

It tells Kuriuz a specific file name or part of a file name to look for.

You can enter wildcards with the * character.

Note: In the Settings tab, the "Search only these file extensions" option superseeds the File name textbox.

For example: If you enter on the File name textbox: "*.exe", and .exe is not in the file extension list and the setting is selected, then no results will be found.

TIP: Click on the "Hint" link to see the common usage.

Text in file (optional)

It tells Kuriuz to search for a specific word or phrase inside the files. Selecte "Case sensitive" to do an exact match regarding UPPER and lower case characters.

Note: It doesn't support wildcards.

TIP: Searching contents takes a lot more time, so be sure to try and narrow down the search the most you can.

Additional criteria (optional)

To narrow down your search you can also enter the: Range of date modified of the file and/or the Size.

TIP: Great for finding last modified files or Big files that are using up space.

Result list

Once the search is finished, all found files will be listed on the screen.

Right-click the desired file for the following options:

  • Open the file.
  • Open the folder (will open the default Windows file explorer.
  • Copy the file path.
  • Find in list. You can find a specific file name within the results list.
  • See the properties of the file.


You can configure additional settings for faster searching (Settings tab)

Search only these file extensions (optional)

It limits the search to only the extensions in the list.

The default list contains popular extensions for files that can store text, so they can be found faster by contents. You can add or remove extensions from this list.

Don't search text in files larger than __ MB (optional)

It speeds up searching by filtering out files bigger than the entered size.

Stop search when __ files found (optional)

Kuriuz will stop searching once it finds the number of files entered here.

Indexing (version 1.5)

Kuriuz 1.5 and above has optional indexing. When the index is turned OFF it will work by scanning your hard drive real-time. If indexing is ON it will maintain your files indexed and searches will be based on the index, this means it will be a lot faster.

Take note that it only indexes file names and directories. It doesn't index file contents. So searching file contents uses real-time scanning.

Select the drives you want to index

The detected drives will be shown and you can select which ones you want to index.

The indexing ON/OFF button

Yes you guessed it! It activates or deactivates indexing.

The first time it will create an initial index of your drive. Depending on how many files your computer has it will take 5 minutes or more to complete. Then it will keep it updated automatically.

Keep indexing even if program is closed

This option will keep the index running silently in the background, so your files will be updated.

It automatically updates the index every hour aprox.

When you restart your computer the Kuriuz indexer will wake up and resume indexing.

This option is recommended to be ON.

Show details

Will open a box where you can see the progress of the indexing process.